Abhijeet Khandagale

Abhijit KhandagaleTech Consultant, Founder Mentor Buddy

Abhijeet is a young entrepreneur (3 startups old) and deeply rooted in technology and innovation. He has flair towards research and has brought several concepts to reality. A Hardcore Mechanical Engineer at heart, who build India’s first Batpod , loves to travel, and is a┬áSpace tech lover who enjoys studying the Sun for any erratic behaviour and calls himself a Solar Physics Nerd.

He loves Inspiring and motivating people to grow big and successful. His start-up, MentorBuddy aims to be the central hub for a student anywhere in the world who wishes to be a part of the global education movement. It gives out consultation service as a freelancer for technology needs, backed with an extensive experience right from breaking and making things since childhood to building futuristic robots.

His specialties and interests include Scientific Research, Hardware Prototyping, Team Building and Training.