Efraim Pettersson Ivener


Partner & Founder, TechGrindEffraim Petterson Ivener

Efraim is the Partner & Founder at TechGrind, Bangkok. Efraim, originally from the Southwest US & Sweden,  started out professionally by hacking games at the age of 12. He dropped out of high school and started
university at 16. As a techpreneur , Efraim has been the technology-lead behind many successful startups such as: PMA Systems, Morpheus™, Day of Defeat, Natural Selection, Beowulf Cluster Project, StickyDrive, AnchorFree & eKita. Two of these startups exited for over $3bn – the others were also successful to varying degrees. Efraima attributes this success to the amazing people and teams he was able to work with and learn from throughout his career; and an early adoption of lean startup practices which was probably the biggest contributor.

As an academic – Efraim attained his first university degree at age 19 in software engineering. Since then he has continued in academics throughout his life – attaining a multitude of degrees, certificates and diplomas from some top universities around the world. He also began teaching after 6 years as a student. To-date, he has spent 16 years in higher educational institutions around the world; which led him to his current venture: eKita – solving education technology. Efraim is also an active persona in the global hi-tech startup industry.

He firmly believes in paying it back by helping the next wave of techpreneurs. In this capacity, Efraim volunteers as international director of 3 Day Startup – the worlds #1 University entrepreneurship program; General Partner of TechGrind Incubator – the 1st private tech incubator in South-East-Asia which also runs a multitude of SEA’s largest startup events and conferences; and he also advises a few governments and embassies in the EU, Israel and Thailand on innovation policy & entrepreneurship.